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Heed this name: Omar Al Borkan Gala. He is now one of the VIP guests over a few fashion events, his facebook has over 1.5 million fans and is called by the international press of "the most beautiful man in the world". In some Latin American countries such as Chile and Ecuador, receives treatment worthy of any celebrity first step: interviews in newspapers, websites and TV shows, magazine covers and very frisson of the women's team, of course. Asia -has been to Japan, Vietnam and Dubai- is no different. Wherever he goes, Omar starts sighs and many flashes.

After all, who is he? Photographer, poet, model and now candidate actor, Omar saw his life turned upside down from april this year when he was expelled from his city of origin, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, to be sexy and beautiful too. Islamic authorities claimed that "his style could result in women immoral thoughts" and decided to send him away. The news leaked, aroused curiosity and nothing was as before in the life of 23 year old guy.
 He says that being forced to leave the ultra strict Islamic country was actually "a blessing" because "rained job offers.  "Today, he lives with his family - his parents and three brothers - in Vancouver, Canada, and travels the world to interact with his fans.
Still a bit scared with the sudden fame, Omar says that won on his birthday a Mercedes, a woman who did not know." They came to my house and said 'just sign and stay with the car. This is amazing", he says to In Touch magazine.

As a young Arab, Omar maintains certain traditions in costume: is always with his head covered by a scarf and use kajal in his eyes the example of the bedouins have been doing for centuries which gives it a look very exotic, especially when mixing these accessories with most fashion clothes. Women, especially latinas, already surrendered. Now we need to Brazil. Come on!